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Ever wondered why QR codes are a must in our society today? QR or Quick Response, was invented by Denso Wave Incorporated back in the early 1960’s primarily to solve the problem of manual inputting of data at POS items. Today, innovative technology drives information and a world populated by ever expanding information content strewn across a plethora of electronic media with humans driven by the insatiable appetite for the instant delivery and satisfaction of it; of the ‘and now’. Mobile cellphones commonly referred to by Marketers as ‘your Brand in their hand’ pack advanced technology that deliver HD quality video, sound, images and document access. Through this advancement, QR Codes have risen to meet this demand seamlessly and instantaneously through a single action of scanning.

So isn’t it time you met that demand solution by engaging with Quick Response (QR) codes that push aside the clutter, time consuming typing along with blind and laborious searches and DO what technology SHOULD DO with IMMEDIACY and a single ‘CLIC’?

Since 2008, CliCode has been delivering clients this immediacy through a range of diverse application campaigns to their clients customers.

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Our Services

One to one

Packaged & Branded SOLUTIONS

Ranging from our 'Try before you Buy' at no cost to a fully integrated and designed campaign offering logo branded dynamic or static CliCode QR, we offer flexible bespoke options to fit your requirements.

Measured analytics

Analytics & Managed PLATFORM

With full, QR front-end dashboard and platform back-end control, tracking engagements and analytic reports, we deliver more depth and return to your marketing objectives while retaining the front-end CliCode QR, endlessly enable redirecting the back-end content delivery through dynamic CliCode QR codes. Seamless, Managed, Instantaneous.

One to many

Customized & Integrated CAMPAIGNS

What is it you want to achieve? Think laterally and high. With a multitude of flexible available options, only your limitations restrict your campaign. CliCode can deliver customized campaigns at the clic of a CliCode QR. Scan, Link, Deliver. Simple.

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