ever wondered
why the print Advert

doesn't offer video?

ever wondered
why that picture

doesn't play sound?

ever wondered
who you should

call for help?

ever wondered
why print Adverts

don't have more options?

ever wondered

who to immediately notify?

ever wondered
why that special Advert

doesn't offer more?

ever wondered
how you could

overcome this?

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'Let the World Speak for Itself'

In a world populated by ever expanding information content strewn across a plethora of electronic media with humans driven by the insatiable appetite for the instant delivery and satisfaction of it; of the ‘and now’… isn’t it time you met that demand solution by engaging with Quick Response (QR) codes that push aside the clutter time consuming typing along with blind and laborious searches and DO what technology SHOULD DO with IMMEDIACY and a single ‘CLIC’?

Clic, Link, View. simple


Packaged & Branded SOLUTIONS

Ranging from our 'Try before you Buy' at no cost to a fully integrated and designed campaign offering logo branded CliCode QR, we offer flexible bespoke options to fit your requirements.


Analytics & Managed PLATFORM

With full, QR front-end dashboard and platform back-end control, tracking engagements and analytic reports, we deliver more depth and return to your marketing objectives while retaining the front-end CliCode QR, endlessly enable redirecting the back-end content delivery. Seamless, Managed, Instantaneous.


Customized & Integrated CAMPAIGNS

What is it you want to achieve? Think laterally and high. With a multitude of flexible available options, only your limitations restrict your campaign. CliCode can deliver customized campaigns at the clic of a CliCode QR. Scan, Link, Deliver. Simple.

Some of our CliCode QR codes

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