Hole 1

Distance: 486m


Stroke: 2

Description: Hole 1 is a 60 degree dog leg to the left with high ground running along the full length of the fairway on the right. Wind speed on the day should be factored into your drive and clubface as the wind direction channels inwards and down the fairway coming towards you and over your left shoulder. Playing off a Par 4, stroke 2, with a long fairway drive, a potential birdie opportunity is highly within means.

Club choice: 1st Driver off tee. 2nd shot using 6 iron onto green. 3rd and 4th putting iron.

Best lie: Off the tee box aim for placement on left side of fairway. Pitch onto green aiming for ball placement towards left back of pin. If pitching long, allow for some backspin. On short iron pitch, drop short and allow for roll up the gentle incline.  

Putting: The green slopes gently downwards to the left. During summer months green puts moderately fast – ave 7/10. During winter months the green puts much slower – ave 3/10. If pin placement for the day is top right, aim to position your ball with your final chip short and right of the pin.

Beware of: Three bunkers with steeply raking sides are positioned around the ideal fairway placement. A steep drop-off into OB ground awaits directly along the entire back width of the putting green.  

Clic2Pro Fairway Placement